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Anne_frank_house_amsterdam_museum_ebooksMuseumguide on one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam, attracting over 1.2 million visitors a year: the Anne Frank House. The first floor of the canal house at Prinsengracht, of which the entrance was hidden behind a movable bookcase, was the hiding place of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who went into hiding during the Second World War in an attempt to escape deportation by the Nazis.

This museumguide tells the story of Anne Frank, her daily life when in hiding, the people  in the house, and what you can expect to see when you visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

It also contains some practical information; you don’t want to be in the enormous queues to enter the museum. The lines are always there, whether you want to visit the museum in summer of winter, so take care to avoid them!

The Anne Frank House by Marko Kassenaar is available as eBook and paperback:

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A great resource for visitors interested in this museum!

After watching the movie “Freedom Writers” I became interested in Anne Frank’s story – much more so than in high school, when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank.” I am even more interested at this point since I am planning a trip with a friend to Amsterdam (among other places). I definitely want to visit this museum. So I downloaded this book to get a preview of the museum and was pleasantly surprised at the contents. The e-book not only gives the rules and policies of the museum, but also the best times to visit to avoid crowds. .. There are helpful resources, such as where to buy tickets online and where to read more online (Anne Frank museum website). I checked out both and will definitely be using them before attempting to visit the museum. This short ebook packs in all the information a potential visitor needs. I highly recommend this as a resource for potential visitors, and even a memento for those who have already made the trip!” – ShyGal

Kassenaar inspires us to want to visit Anne Frank’s museum

No one can think about, talk about or read about Anne Frank and not feel emotional. What she and her family experienced is a reminder yet again- that war is hell. The author gives us a look inside the Frank house and Anne’s room. Anne’s story has stood the test of time and the author brings it to life. Kassenaar inspires us to want to visit Anne Frank’s museum in Amsterdam.“ – Baron

Inspiring History

This book gives you helpful information about Anne Frank House and a little bit of history on Anne Frank. It is nice to know something about this historical house, I wish I’d be able to see it personally someday.” – Amie Cullen

A Guide to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

If you are going to Amsterdam and wish to visit the Anne Frank house, or haven’t been there and wish to know about it, this is a book with information about it. It gives a biography of Anne Frank and tells how her diary came to be published and how the house became a museum. There are also pictures and other reference material”. – Joan Marie Verba (Minnetonka, MN USA)

What a cool little book

I’m always interested in people who gave their life to help others. The story of Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom are two of my favourites from the World War II era. This book is really small but it very easy to read and makes you want to visit this museum.“ – Kerry Pharr (Nashville)

Brilliant preparatory guide

Kassenaar and Heenk have created a brilliant preparatory guide for a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I plan to visit and this is a great resource.

I have not had that visit yet but I am confident the tour will be far more complete and understandable now that I have the inside story. The story begins with a thorough look at the Frank family history and how they came to be virtual prisoners in their city. ..

If you appreciate the history of those days or if you plan a trip to The Netherlands, this is great way to fill in “the rest of the story“. David Rodwell (USA)

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