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Hermitage_amsterdam_amsterdam_museum_ebooks_amsterdam_publishersThe Hermitage Amsterdam. Highlights from the Hermitage Museum St Petersburg is the only European satellite of the famous Hermitage in St Petersburg in Russia.  The museum is slightly off the beaten track, but definitely a must see when you visit Amsterdam.

The museum is housed in a fascinating old building, Amstelhof, and stages excellent exhibitions.

This is a brief introductory guide on the museum and its history. Please note, the museum doesn’t display a permanent collection, but it does stage magnificent temporary exhibitions such as: Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age. You will be able to find more details in the buy button

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Excellent resource for planning museum trips in Amsterdam

I bought this book as a resource in planning an upcoming trip to Amsterdam. Friends who have visited definitely recommended the Hermitage Museum, so I got this e-book to read up on it before I went. I was fascinated to discover that this museum has no permanent collection, but instead rotates top pieces from the St Petersburg Museum. This book provides the history of the museum, along with some interesting facts and trivia. There are links to helpful resources, such as the museum website, as well as maps that show the location of this and other nearby museums. A handy digital guide that I’m definitely going to use on my upcoming trip. Very helpful!” – ShyGal

Good Travel info For Amsterdam!

Who knew there are so many museums in Amsterdam; thanks to this author we now know!
Hermitage Museum has rooms for exhibitions, a concert hall, a library and restaurant. What attracted me to the museum is the open air opera performance. Visuals are beautiful“.- Baron

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