Things to do in Amsterdam

Things_to_do_in_amsterdam_museumsYour all-in-one box-set to Amsterdam Museums: Things To Do in Amsterdam: Museums. If you go to Amsterdam and want to see its very best museums, then this is your guide!

The box set Things To Do in Amsterdam: Museums comprises all four museumguides in the series Amsterdam Museum eBooks. These are the online guides to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Hermitage Amsterdam. The all-in-one boxset contains 216 pages and is lavishly illustrated with full color images of the objects discussed.

Each of the volumes has been written by experts in the field who have not used  any art historical jargon. Not simple, but accessible. If you read the guide before your visit to Amsterdam you will more fully understand and enjoy what you are about to see.

The dboxset Things to Do in Amsterdam: Museums by Marko Kassenaar is available as eBook and paperback. If you’re going to Amsterdam and planning to see the museums, this book is a must-read and a must to take along with you on your trip

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Great Guide to Enjoy Amsterdam! I recommend this book to anybody who likes art and wants to enjoy the museums of Amsterdam.”

Excellent Guide! Recommended for anyone visiting Amsterdam and planning a visit to its museums.”

Perfect Guide to Amsterdam Museums!”