Museumguide Van Gogh Museum

Van_gogh_museum_amsterdam_by_liesbeth_heenkVan Gogh Museum Amsterdam is a lavishly illustrated museumguide on the highlights by Vincent van Gogh in the collection of this popular museum in Amsterdam.

The guide describes and explains Van Gogh’s masterworks, his life and career, and also discusses some of the highlights of his contemporaries on display at the Van Gogh Museum.

Since Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo collected work by their contemporaries, these are also exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum.

The museumguide contains many pictures by Seurat, Pissarro, Lautrec, Gauguin and Bernard, some predecessors such as Millet and Breton, and artists that followed in his footsteps. This will show you the context, and the impact Van Gogh had on modern art.

The Van Gogh Museum by Marko Kassenaar is available as eBook and paperback:

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Highly recommended before visiting the renewed Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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